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Understanding the penalties for a DWI in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | DWI

In Texas, law enforcement is vigilant about catching drivers who might be driving while under the influence. Despite its known danger and the emphasis on putting a stop to it, simply being subject to a DWI investigation and arrested does not automatically imply guilt.

Knowing the laws and consequences for DWI is key

The potential penalties for a DWI conviction can be severe. A fundamental part of the case is the blood alcohol concentration. If a driver is tested and registers at least a .08 BAC, that is considered legally drunk. If it is the first offense, the person can be jailed for up to 180 days. The fine can be as much as $2,000. A driver’s license suspension could last a year. A second offense will spark a fine of $4,000, one month to one year in jail, and a two-year driver license suspension. For a third offense, there will be a fine of $10,000, two to 10 years incarceration, and a driver license suspension for up to two years.

For those who believe these penalties are all they will receive, other factors are considered. Fines of $3,000, $4,500, and $6,000 can be assessed by the state at the time the sentence is given. Drivers who are alleged to have committed DWI with a child younger than 15 in the vehicle will have enhanced penalties including another $10,000 in fines, the possibility of two years in jail, and a driver license suspension for another six months.

There are ways to fight a DWI charge and avoid a conviction

People have a lot to lose if they are convicted of a DWI. That can negatively impact their work, their standing in the community, and their future. Testing procedures are not always accurate, the traffic stop itself could be unwarranted or the evidence could be faulty. These are all avenues to craft a defense to try and achieve a favorable outcome.