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The important duties of forensic psychologists in custody disputes

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Family law

Texas divorces can become more complicated when the two people splitting up have children together. Sometimes, courts might call a forensic psychologist for assistance as a divorce gets more complex. Forensic psychologists can provide a lot of help during the divorce process.

Interviewing parents and children

One of the most vital roles a forensic psychologist performs involves interviewing. Specifically, these psychologists interview parents to learn about their overall abilities to raise children. Sometimes, forensic psychologists also interview close friends or family members of each parent. How many interviews a forensic psychologist will conduct depends on the complexity of a divorce.

Creating parenting plans

An important aspect of many family law matters is a co-parenting plan. Co-parenting plans help parents who aren’t married to each other continue doing what’s best for their children going forward. Fortunately, forensic psychologists are often capable of creating co-parenting plans. When a forensic psychologist can get two parents on the same page, everyone involved can help create a great co-parenting plan.

Conducting home visits

A forensic psychologist doesn’t just do their work in a courtroom. Sometimes, these psychologists also conduct home visits. These home visits typically last several hours and let a forensic psychologist see how parents and children naturally interact. Therefore, it’s important for a parent to prepare adequately for this type of visit.

Courts request forensic psychologists for a variety of reasons. The court might call in a forensic psychologist if one or both parties in a divorce accuse the other of being mentally unstable. Forensic psychologists also provide help when two divorcing parents can’t agree on matters involving child custody.