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What does a “prove up hearing” mean in an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Divorce

The court signing a divorce decree signals the completion of the divorce process. But finalizing events as life-altering as divorce requires thorough consideration.

As you conclude your uncontested divorce, a “prove up hearing” is when a Texas judge reviews your case one last time before signing the divorce decree. This brief hearing allows you and your soon-to-be ex to present divorce settlement terms and corresponding evidence for the judge’s ultimate approval.

However, the judge can still exercise discretion to make further changes as they deem appropriate. Thus, preparation is critical to compel the judge to grant the divorce, and to prevent incurring additional time, cost and emotional strain. 

What to expect when proving up

While proving up may vary per county, Texas courts generally require both parties to appear in person. This way, you can show your commitment to see the process through, personally submit documents and answer questions the judge may have.

Depending on your circumstances, like if you have children or not, you may anticipate the following issues the judge might bring up:

  • Your residence at the time you filed for divorce and for how long you have lived there
  • Your child’s information, if any, including their name and current age
  • Division of marital assets and debts and why it is a fair distribution
  • Terms of custody, child support and visitation, if you have a child, and how they serve your child’s best interests
  • Plans of changing your name, and how it is not to avoid potential creditors or a criminal conviction

Despite preparations, the thought of a court appearance may still make you anxious. Your legal representative can help ease your worries and remind you that proving up is the finish line before you pursue your post-divorce life.

What your post-divorce life can look like

Your counsel ensures that you make it past proving up. They can walk you through necessary court procedures and etiquette in detail. If you successfully work together in navigating the prove up hearing, your post-divorce life awaits. This new chapter comes with newfound freedom and dedication to fulfill your responsibilities in the final divorce decree.