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When might an arrest for DUI lead to felony charges?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | DWI

An arrest on suspicion of driving while under the influence on Texas roads can be harrowing under any scenario. If you stand accused of such an offense, you might have understandable concerns about how the outcome of your situation might affect your life and about the options to help protect your future.  

While a DUI conviction carries serious penalties that could impact your life in various ways, things may become even more daunting if you face felony charges. Knowing the scenarios in which an arrest for DUI might lead to felony charges could prove integral to understanding what is at stake and preparing to make informed decisions about your case. 

Felony DUI charges 

It may come as no surprise that the severity of penalties for DUI may increase when there are felony charges involved. Some scenarios in which you might face felony DUI charges could include: 

  • Previous convictions: The potential penalties of DUI charges may increase in severity with each successive conviction. Having previous DUI offenses on record could increase your risk of facing felony charges. 
  • Suspended license: Experts indicate that an arrest for DUI could also lead to felony charges if you stand accused of operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license.  
  • Blood-alcohol content: The nature of the charges against you may also vary, depending on your blood-alcohol content at the time of arrest, as a higher BAC may lead to harsher penalties. 
  • Collision causing injuries: DUI charges may also increase in severity if you stand accused of causing a collision to occur, especially if another party suffers serious or fatal injuries during the crash. 

You may also face felony charges if you stand accused of driving under the influence with minor children in the vehicle or of causing a collision that damages another party’s property. 

Making informed decisions 

Facing felony DUI charges can be exceedingly stressful, and it might not always be easy to know how best to approach such a situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this process alone, and with so much at stake, it might be in your best interests to seek advice on the next steps to take. Such a decision could prove integral to preparing to make informed decisions about your situation and options, and to helping you create a strategy for legal proceedings that aligns with your needs and interests.