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Knowing when to revisit and update an estate plan

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Estate Planning

The estate planning process may offer numerous tools that could help you plan and prepare for a variety of scenarios in life. However, while the plan you create may align with your needs and goals for the future initially, there may be some scenarios in which your preferences for your Texas future may change with time. 

When changes in life impact your estate planning goals, it might be helpful to consider revisiting your initial strategies. Addressing some common reasons to review and update an estate plan could help you prepare to take the appropriate steps to bring your plan in line with your new wishes after experiencing a change in life circumstances. 

Changes in life 

There are various types of changes in life that might prompt a need to review and update an estate plan, some of which might include: 

  • Kids and grandkids: Welcoming a child or grandchild into the family is a common type of change in life circumstances that might prompt a need to revisit and update an estate plan. 
  • Change in marital status: Entering a marriage or going through a divorce could also impact your wishes and preferences, and updating your strategy after similar life changes could be vital to preserving your interests. 
  • Financial changes: Studies indicate that it may also be necessary to take similar measures after experiencing a significant change in financial circumstances. 
  • Medical concerns: It may also be helpful to address your options after experiencing a change in your health and well-being or after the onset of illness in a loved one. 
  • Relocation: Updating your plan may also be vital after relocating to a new state, as the rules and regulations regarding estate plans may vary in each state. 

In some cases, your wishes may simply change over time, and updating your estate plan could be essential to ensuring your strategy best reflects your wishes and needs. 

Updating an estate plan 

These may only be a few reasons to consider updating an estate plan, and it might not always be easy to know how best to approach such a process. Seeking guidance on how to tell when it might be time to revisit your plan, and in making informed choices about your available estate planning options, could be integral to protecting your future interests. Such a decision might play a vital role in helping you make the necessary updates to help your estate plan best reflect your current needs and goals.