Focusing On That Which Is Most Important In Divorce

Your children. There is nothing more important. When entering into divorce or separation proceedings, you need to do whatever you can to protect that special relationship you have with your kids.

Do not try to handle this aspect of your divorce or separation alone. At John Delk Attorney at Law, we have the resources and experience to help you make sure you protect your relationship with your children. With nearly 20 years of experience handling all types of divorce and family law matters for clients in Texarkana, Texas, and throughout the state of Texas, John Delk Attorney at Law can protect your rights.

Basic Child Custody In Texas

In general, Texas law uses the term “conservatorship” instead of “custody”. The ideas are the basically the same, but the terminology is different. Conservatorship in this context refers to the rights and responsibilities of parenting.

Texas courts, like most in the United States, prefer to foster some kind of shared parenting plan (joint managing conservatorship) whenever possible, as distinct from one parent having all the legal rights and responsibilities (sole managing conservatorship).

There is a distinction between physical custody and legal custody, as well. In all respects, the court tries to foster joint custody (joint managing conservatorships) whenever possible.

Our lawyers can help you understand the process and help you negotiate a parenting plan that will protect your relationship with your child or children.

Custody Modifications

There are many cases when parents need to alter a parenting plan or custody arrangement after the decree has been finalized. Usually this is a result of a new job or other significant change in circumstances.

Attorney John Delk has a wealth of experience handling modifications. Whether you are seeking a modification or contesting a modification, our firm can help you.

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